Mitigate disruptions with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights—now in preview

- Principal Group Program Manager, Supply Chain Insights

We are excited to announce the preview launch of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights to help organizations achieve a supply chain of the future—one that is resilient, sustainable, and capable of sensing, predicting, and mitigating disruptions before they occur.

Recent worldwide supply chain disruptions have resulted in economic losses and missed opportunities that stretch into the billions of dollars. Since the beginning of 2019, nearly 70 percent of supply chain leaders have been constantly responding to disruptions.1 If there’s anything the recent supply chain disruptions have taught business leaders in supply chain management, it’s the importance of having a robust, nimble and transparent system that can withstand radical changes in supply and demand, and that can anticipate and flexibly work around such changes before they play out their widescale domino effects. That’s where Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights (preview) comes in.

At Microsoft, the future of global supply chains is being reimagined. Slow digitization of the supply chain is significantly inhibiting organizations from quickly responding to changing customer demand and supply challenges. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights enables organizations to create a digital representation of their physical supply chain and enhance the end-to-end visibility of their entire value chain.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights breaks down data siloes by connecting and taking inputs from existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain systems across the organization. Businesses can further invite suppliers to securely share data and gain visibility into their first, second, or third-tier suppliers.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights will also be available through Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, which is also announced in preview today.

Predict risks

This data is brought into Dataverse and then harmonized using industry data models and enriched with AI-powered news curation, weather, and environmental risk signals from Bing and other third-party sources, such as reinsurers like Swiss Re. The external risk signals are available out of the box without needing to set up any connections.

Generate insights powered by AI

Built on Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights uses these inputs and creates a digital twin of the supply chain. Using advanced analytics powered by Azure’s AI and Machine Learning, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights performs predictions and What-if analyses to simulate the impact of potential disruptions and gauge the impact of decisions made to mitigate them at any point along the supply chain.

Get operational fast

Using these insights, companies can seamlessly collaborate with their suppliers, logistic partners, and internal stakeholders using Microsoft Teams and take optimal action. With out-of-the-box connectors from Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights can connect to other ERP and supply chain execution systems, enabling businesses to truly get operational fast—within weeks. These insights can then be seamlessly implemented through your existing supply chain execution systems, thus initiating a powerful digital feedback loop.

Data connectors

Recent shocks to supply and demand have impacted just about every industry and every economy around the world, with everyday products like coffee and paper, and more technical products like semiconductor chips equally affected by an increasingly taxed supply chain. At Microsoft, we believe in empowering you with the solutions you need to mitigate supply chain risk and deliver a customer-first approach across your business.

A customer like Daimler Trucks North America can use Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights to predict supply chain issues before they happen so that they can proactively mitigate them to meet their commitments to the Dealerships and Customers. They can improve their end-to-end supply chain process to reduce downtime and part shortages.

Learn more

To experience the impact of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights, sign up for the preview. To learn more about creating a resilient supply chain, watch “Enhance supply chain visibility, predict risks and improve decision making with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights” and “Make better decisions with proactive risk mitigation to create a resilient supply chain”. You can further learn about other Microsoft innovations that were launched today at Microsoft Ignite.

Mitigate disruptions with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights—now in preview
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